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Spiratube Speciality Ducting

Our sewn ducting range is branded as Spiratube and has been a trusted name in the industry for over 30 years.

Spiratube flexible ducting is custom made to suit the specific requirements of each individual customer’s application using any number of different materials both for the ducting wall and the spiral re-enforcement. With the ability to manufacture diameters ranging from 80 mm through to 1800 mm, in any length up to 10 metres, Spiratube truly provides a flexible solution.

As each length is made to order and there are so many variables the Spiratube range is extremely diverse. Here is just a sampling of the options…

80mm to 1800mm including tapered diameters

Up to 10 meters per length

The distance between each turn of wire, closer pitch for suction, wider pitch for delivery.

All Spiratube comes with plain end cuffs as shown on the right. However we have the ability to add specialized cuffs to make connections easier and to prevent the loss of worm drive clamps when ducting is removed and then reattached. On the left there is an example of clamp loops.

Cuffs can also incorporate a static dispersing metal strip which soldered to the ducting’s wire reinforcement and then is sewn to the inside of the cuff so it instantly earths out to any metal spigot to which it is attached.

Quick, no-tools joining of lengths of Spiratube

Can use either wire or a plastic substitute (for magnetic free ducting). The gauge of the wire can be increased or decreased depending on requirements such as crush resistance and weight.

Tabs and eyelets are used to assist with the suspension or mooring of Spiratube ducting. They are attached to the wire reinforcement of the ducting and as such they are incredibly well secured and can hold large amount of tension/weight.

They are a relatively inexpensive addition and can prove to be invaluable in locating your ducting securely.

For almost any application you can dream up – from air handling to liquids

The protective scuff strip which protects the wire from abrasion can be made in different colours as can the wall material of the ducting.

Scuff Strip

This provides the opportunity to match the ducting’s appearance with any existing equipment, or to colour code the ducting to provide easy comparative identification

The wall of the ducting can be made of numerous different materials from rubber coated polyesters, PVC coated polyester, straight PVC, silicone coated fibreglass to polyethylene and many more all of which come in numerous different colours.

For both the wall material and the spiral stripe

Spiratube can incorporate internal thermal insulation. The insulating foam layer is enclosed between the outer wall and an inner liner and the insulation does not have any significant effect on the ducting’s flexibility or other performance. Thermally insulated Spiratube provides a much more portable and durable product than thermal lagging placed around ducting.

Specials are our Speciality – there is no such thing as standard Spiratube.

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