About Us

Flexible Ducting Australia is a Melbourne based manufacturer of many types and styles of flexible ducting to suit industry. Our product range comprises two distinct styles of manufacture.

  • We have a range of standard styles of thermo-welded flexible ducting constructed using polyurethane, thermoplastic rubber, textile reinforced thermoplastic rubber and PVC. These products are stocked in our Sunshine warehouse in diameters ranging from 51 mm through to 405 mm.
  • We also manufacture Spiratube ® custom made sewn flexible ducting. Spiratube ® is manufactured to the exact specifications of the customer to suit their specific requirements. Spiratube ® can be made in any diameter from 75 mm through to 1800 mm, and in any length up to 10 metres and sometimes beyond. The appearance and performance of Spiratube ® can be varied over a vast range due to all of the options available. Such as :-
    • plain end cuffs
    • built in clamps
    • a protective scuff strip for increased external abrasion resistance
    • high temperature capabilities
    • flame resistance
    • high crush resistance
    • self retracting
    • non-magnetic all synthetic
    • tabs and eyelets for ease of suspension and/or mooring
    • post fabrication coatings to seal the ducting for liquid transfers
    • and much, much more…

FDA prides itself on the quality of its products and its ability to provide solutions for industry.

Our intention is to continually improve and expand our range and to continue to meet the requirements of our ever expanding customer base.

Flexible Ducting Australia